What Future Northants?

20180626_152452What ‘Future Northants,’ divided into two with more and more cuts to services!  Little has been done by the local councils to consult with local people about their future governance; it seams that local councillors see two unitaries as a done deal.  The criteria the government has set has meant that the consultation, that ends today, is a farce and the questionnaire at  forces people to back this madness!

Central Government’s criteria for all new unitary authorities to have a population greater than 300,000 is not a fair requirement. What evidence does the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government have to say that the dozen or so English  unitary authorities with over 300,000 population are performing so much better than the 43 others? Northampton alone as a unitary, with a population of 228000, would rank 22/55 and West Northamptonshire without Northampton would still rank 35/55. If size truly mattered, Northamptonshire County Council, population of 745,000 and receiving 70% of our Council Tax, wouldn’t have any financial problems. It’s clearly not size that ensures the success of a Unitary Authority, more likely almost entirely dependent on the change management expertise of a Chief executive and the top management team.  I don’t really think change of structures is the issue; cuts in funding and bad management is.

Making a 300,000 figure up is a politically motivated statistic to ensure that all councils in Northamptonshire are governed by the Conservatives; the same party that has caused the crisis that the proposed solution is trying to fix.  This figure means that a 2 unitary council solution is the only option that fits the criteria leaving no choices for the people of Northants and thus leaving this consultation a farse.  The unitiaries are doomed to failure if they are to be run by the same councillors and party as before.  It will not change anything but structures; where better management solutions are required.

Decent services are what we want from our councils, not cuts to valuable essential services.  I took part in a protest with a group called ‘Action 34’ on Friday, who have been campaigning for weeks to stop the withdrawal due to funding cuts from Northamptonshire County Council.  Around 40 of us in Wellingborough brought the town to a standstill and several police officers turned out too.  We were on Look East that evening and on Northampton Radio throughout the day!  This was organised by a group of pensioners protesting about cuts to their bus service; why aren’t more people out on the streets standing up against the nasty political choices made by councillors at Northamptonshire County Council.  Decent services are what we expect from any current or changed type of council.  The good news is that group haven’t finished protesting yet!

I don’t really think we need to change what councils we have; but if change of structure is needed, it would be better to utilise the comparatively strong borough and district councils and just combine those who share so much already.  I see no reason why smaller unitary councils can’t be set up; these could be one for Northampton, one for Daventry and South Northants, one for Wellingborough and East Northants, and one for Kettering and Corby.  These areas already work closely together, the councils already collaborate and these unitaries would widely share the same demographics.  Councils are there to serve us, the people; not greedy politicians.  The proposed two unitaries are being set up for political reasons to ensure Conservative dominance continues – we deserve better.

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Clean Air Bill Launched Today

Jenny Jones.Green Party peer, Jenny Jones, was delighted to launch her new Clean Air Bill today. If it passes through Parliament, it will be great news for us all: it will make clean air a human right in law.

July 5th is the 62nd anniversary of the first Clean Air Act becoming law

Today is also the 62nd anniversary of the Clean Air Act – the Act that helped tackle the smog and smoke suffocating our cities. But air pollution nowadays is different. It’s an invisible killer mainly emitted by fossil fuel-powered transport. This is why we need a new Clean Air Act that’s fit for the 21st century.

The government has been taken to court three times in the last three years because their clean air strategy is so weak it’s illegal. These failed legal battles have cost taxpayers £500,000. We must step up the fight!

Local people and communities around the country would be able to take legal action to defend their right to clean air if the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill, introduced today, became law. This week’s air pollution episode throughout England and Wales illustrates how widespread the legal actions could become, as people seek to get corporations to change their behaviour and to force councils and government bodies to reduce pollution.

Photo0271A Citizens Commission would be set up as part of the Clean Air Bill to help parents and others take action. Yesterday, the BBC reported that a 9 year old girl’s fatal asthma attack has been linked to illegally high levels of air pollution. The Attorney General is looking at the case, as this is the first time that an individual death has been attributed to breathing bad air.

Speaking about the bill, Jenny Jones said “Given the premature deaths from air pollution and the complacency of successive governments, I think that making clean air a human right is the quickest way of getting the problem sorted. I think that giving parents and communities the ability to take legal action would focus the minds of the car manufacturers, the civil servants and local authorities. We should all enjoy clean air even when we are working in a busy city or living under an airport flight path.  This is detailed legislation that is ready to go, and I would be more than happy for the government to adopt the Bill wholesale.!

The ‘Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill 2018’ would enshrine the right to clean air in UK law across all forms of air pollution: indoor and outdoor; health and the environment; and, for the first time, require joined up thinking on climate change and local air pollution. It proposes a ‘top-down’ approach that would be based on the highest global standards and the best available science


Tabling her Clean Air Bill today has given Jenny hope that we can create a country that we can breathe in.  By joining the Green Party or registering you support; you can help Jenny and all Greens to fight this invisible killer –


We had a great turnout of 40 for our first forum in Wellingborough, so we are not stopping there! A report will be published soon on our blog. If you were there, I trust that you found it as empowering and as energising as I did to have your voice heard!

Glamis Hall have kindly offered to continue hosting our forums, and have suggested the stage them on Mondays to avoid noise from the main hall. I am proposing therefore that our next forum could take place on Monday the 25th June and that we hold them on every last Monday of the month from there.

This does of course come very quickly after our workshop and is only 2 and a half weeks away, but I feel that we need to have another quickly to respond to the proposed ‘New Town Council’ and ‘Two Unitary Councils’ as deadlines to respond are coming up fast! It is vital that the Borough Council of Wellingborugh hears our voices about this and the sale of the Jacksons Lane Car Park so please do continue add your view on our online forum.

Don’t forget to also get your self nominations in to help manage this group, you can Self Nominate here. I hope to announce our group management team at our next forum, so please do get your name in by Wednesday the 20th June to allow for a discussion at the workshop that is taking place on the 21st.

For further details about the workshop and to book a ticket (as spaces are limited) see our Workshop page.

Community Voices

Wellingborough Forum 1If you want to share your opinions about Wellingborough
and Northamptonshire, join us! We are holding our first open forum next week in Wellingborough on the 6th June at 7pm in Glamis Hall. Entry is free, there is car parking and refreshments are available.

The format is going to be a very simple, ‘topic proposed and debated’, topics will include the proposed Town Council, Jackson’s Lane Car Park and Potholes.  The purpose is to inform local councilors/councils of the communities views. We will also deciding the format and function of future forums and our organisation.

Community Voices is being set up across Northants as an independent, non-party political, community forum that will constructively enable residents, communities and businesses to fully take part and contribute to the decisions councils are making in Northamptonshire, particularly in reference to the transition to unitary councils.

To gather as many views as possible, we have on-line forums too and these have ‘gone live’ today!   Join in at

Yes Facebook groups are very popular and a great way to share issues; but topics are often lost because of the shear amount of posts and comments are often not constructive or polite.  We believe that people (including councillors) want to read about other people’s views and opinions; and want to comment without the risk of being abused.  We also feel that people need space, free from commercial or party political propaganda, to truly express themselves.

So to make this happen we have decided on three simple rules when posting on the online forums and speaking at one of our open public forums; the rules are – no rudeness, no party politics and no advertising.

It will be great to see a broad selection of people from the community on Wednesday, hopefully you! If you would like to add an item to the agenda please email or message us from our Facebook page at

Cluck Off – We Say No To The Chicken ‘Factory Farm’ in Rushden.

Cluck OffWe are supporting the campaign to stop the intensive poultry plant being built in Rushden.  Bedfordia Farms Ltd plan to build a poultry farm with the capacity for up to 540,000 birds.  They have applied to build 10 poultry buildings and associated infrastructure on land north east of the Westwood AD Plant in Bedford Road.  The American style chicken farm is a factory farm that will have 22 chickens in a 1 square meter cage – 540,000 chickens will suffer these conditions if the proposed  development in Rushden goes ahead.

We believe this hugely unpopular development is bad for the environment and for animal welfare.  The campaign has been lead by Roger Barnes, head of the ‘Cluck Off’ protest group, which has been fighting the plans since they were first submitted.  The plans have been met with vigorous opposition locally, with Peter Bone MP and Tom Pursglove MP joining protesters this week.

Simon TurnerSimon Turner, the Green Party Candidate who is standing on Thursday in Higham Ferrers for East Northamptonshire District Council, said: “We are objecting to the planning application both in terms of it being detrimental to the environment locally, and because it is cruel to animals.  This is a factory farm that is terribly bad for animal welfare; and potentially the pollution from bird waste and increase in lorry movements locally is totally unacceptable.”

Objections from local people need to be submitted to East Northamptonshire District Council, Cedar Drive, Thrapston NN14 4LZ.  Their Planning Committee is expected to be meeting to consider the application on February 28th at 19:00 in the Council Chamber, there are currently 1265 objections to the Poultry plant.

8th Wellingborough Diggers’ Festival and Fringe Programme

Diggers LogoWednesday 21st March – Thursday 29th March 2018

Event: Display about the Diggers

Venue: Wellingborough Museum, 12 Castle Way, Wellingborough, NN8 1XB

Time: 10am – 4:30pm

Fee: Free Entry

Friday 23rd March 2018

Event: Guest Speaker – Andrew Bibby is a freelance writer and journalist whose work has appeared in The Observer, The Independent, The Guardian and other national papers. He has written widely on the countryside and the outdoors. Andrew’s latest book Back Roads Through Middle England, includes a chapter on Wellingborough and The Diggers both past and present. Book signing opportunity.

Venue:  Wellingborough Museum, 12 Castle Way, Wellingborough, NN8 1XB

Time: 7:30pm

Fee: £4.00 on the door

Saturday 24th March 2018

Event: Commemorative Event – A short service to remember the Wellingborough Diggers.  Please bring with you one item of non perishable goods to this event which will be collected and distributed to the local foodbank. This supports Winstanley’s letter which was found on 4 Surrey Diggers who were arrested in Wellingborough during April 1650.

Venue: Diggers’ Information Board, Prologis Park, Wellingborough West off Sywell Road, Wellingborough.  Once on Sywell Road turn off at roundabout for Park Farm South. (depending on which way you approach the area you may approach more than one roundabout) Access is along the footpath near Dunkleys and Dana.  The footpath is lined by trees on the right. It is less than a 5 minute walk along the footpath.

Time: 12noon

Event: Live Entertainment

Plumhall – Folk/Americana  – Nick Hall (Hall Brothers, Magna Carta). Due to unforeseen circumstances we have just found out (today) that Michelle Plum will be replaced by Bella Gaffney who has appeared with Nick many times including last year’s Beverley Folk Festival. Bella has also appeared at Hebden Bridge Folk Roots.  Folk/Americana.

Will Kaufman – recognised as the world’s leading authority on Woody Guthrie. Hard Times and Hard Travelin’ show followed by Q&A.

Mick Panter – Northamptonshire’s local retro blues guitarist.

Venue: The Horseshoe Inn, 36 Sheep Street, Wellingborough, NN8 1BS

Time: Doors 7pm First Act 7:15pm

Fee: £10 or £8 concessions on the door

Please note that if on the Friday evening you purchase both tickets for Friday and Saturday there is a discount. Both tickets will cost £12. Concessions for Saturday evening only, £8 on the door.

Find us on Facebook for Digger news and Festival updates.

We look forward to welcoming you all next month!

Best wishes

Jacqui (o.b.o. Wellingborough Diggers)

Change Needed at Northamptonshire County Council

Northamptonshire County Council will not be in a position to deliver a balanced budget by the end of this financial year and has imposed immediate spending controls, meaning no new expenditure is permitted, with the exception of safeguarding vulnerable people and statutory services. The current situation at Angel Square is that the council has run out of money; whilst it may seem without precedent, it also feels somehow inevitable.

During last year’s County Council elections, the Green Party in Northamptonshire highlighted the ongoing budgetary issues with the County Council and said that the current administration was just papering over the cracks. The Green Party is not surprised that our county council has failed; their budgetary forecasting simply isn’t fit for purpose, so why should we trust their budget proposals this time?  Green Party candidate, Simon Turner, who is standing in Higham Ferrers for the County Council, said:

Northamptonshire Conservatives“Although the current deficit is largely being caused by cuts in funding on a national level, the current situation has been made worse by disastrous decisions made by the Conservative administration.  Years of council tax freezes have delivered no benefits to the citizens of Northamptonshire, and the drastic cuts over the last seven years represent a clueless council that can’t balance its books.”

Political parties of all persuasion have had their say over the past few days, and whilst the Northamptonshire Green Party agrees that the current situation is untenable, we don’t think that handing control over to the national government would be a desirable solution. Whilst the County Council may have mishandled the budget, they were dealing with cuts voted for by all of Northamptonshire’s MPs in Parliament. It’s a problem of Conservative governance, whether that be local or national.  Simon Turner continued:

“It is critical that services are protected, and we urge Conservatives of the County Council to work with the opposition parties to ensure this happens in the short term. In the longer term, it is clear that local government in Northamptonshire needs reorganisation, and that the County Council’s position on this has been the major hold-up over the past few years. The County Council should recognise the position of the Borough and District Councils regarding this issue, and work with them towards a reorganisation based on three Unitary Councils across the County, recognising that this is critical to ensuring the future sustainability of government in Northamptonshire.“

Northants Green Party ManifestoLocal government as we know it is almost certain to change drastically in the next few years. There has been serious talk of disbanding the current two-tier council system here in Northamptonshire and discussions about setting up unitary authorities have been ongoing since late 2015. Whilst most political parties support the idea, Labour has consistently blocked any changes.  The Green Party believe the best option for Northamptonshire is to split into three unitary councils, one for Northampton, one for the north/east of the county, and one for the south/west.  

Unitary councils would benefit local people, for example, as one council would be in control of environmental services, public transport and highways.  Currently borough/district councils, for example, are drawing up clean air strategies, but the county council is the authority with the power to change public transport or build more roads to alleviate the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in specific areas.

There is a temporary reprieve for library services, with a revised proposal which would see volunteers running libraries next year.  The county council would continue to fund the library service until April 1st 2019, with the authority paying a further year of rent in 2019/20 and community groups responsible for utility costs.  There are also revised proposals relating to Trading Standards and the County Connect and Call Connect on-demand bus services. Cabinet will meet to discuss the final budget proposals next Tuesday, February 13th.