Community Voices

Wellingborough Forum 1If you want to share your opinions about Wellingborough
and Northamptonshire, join us! We are holding our first open forum next week in Wellingborough on the 6th June at 7pm in Glamis Hall. Entry is free, there is car parking and refreshments are available.

The format is going to be a very simple, ‘topic proposed and debated’, topics will include the proposed Town Council, Jackson’s Lane Car Park and Potholes.  The purpose is to inform local councilors/councils of the communities views. We will also deciding the format and function of future forums and our organisation.

Community Voices is being set up across Northants as an independent, non-party political, community forum that will constructively enable residents, communities and businesses to fully take part and contribute to the decisions councils are making in Northamptonshire, particularly in reference to the transition to unitary councils.

To gather as many views as possible, we have on-line forums too and these have ‘gone live’ today!   Join in at

Yes Facebook groups are very popular and a great way to share issues; but topics are often lost because of the shear amount of posts and comments are often not constructive or polite.  We believe that people (including councillors) want to read about other people’s views and opinions; and want to comment without the risk of being abused.  We also feel that people need space, free from commercial or party political propaganda, to truly express themselves.

So to make this happen we have decided on three simple rules when posting on the online forums and speaking at one of our open public forums; the rules are – no rudeness, no party politics and no advertising.

It will be great to see a broad selection of people from the community on Wednesday, hopefully you! If you would like to add an item to the agenda please email or message us from our Facebook page at

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