Cluck Off – We Say No To The Chicken ‘Factory Farm’ in Rushden.

Cluck OffWe are supporting the campaign to stop the intensive poultry plant being built in Rushden.  Bedfordia Farms Ltd plan to build a poultry farm with the capacity for up to 540,000 birds.  They have applied to build 10 poultry buildings and associated infrastructure on land north east of the Westwood AD Plant in Bedford Road.  The American style chicken farm is a factory farm that will have 22 chickens in a 1 square meter cage – 540,000 chickens will suffer these conditions if the proposed  development in Rushden goes ahead.

We believe this hugely unpopular development is bad for the environment and for animal welfare.  The campaign has been lead by Roger Barnes, head of the ‘Cluck Off’ protest group, which has been fighting the plans since they were first submitted.  The plans have been met with vigorous opposition locally, with Peter Bone MP and Tom Pursglove MP joining protesters this week.

Simon TurnerSimon Turner, the Green Party Candidate who is standing on Thursday in Higham Ferrers for East Northamptonshire District Council, said: “We are objecting to the planning application both in terms of it being detrimental to the environment locally, and because it is cruel to animals.  This is a factory farm that is terribly bad for animal welfare; and potentially the pollution from bird waste and increase in lorry movements locally is totally unacceptable.”

Objections from local people need to be submitted to East Northamptonshire District Council, Cedar Drive, Thrapston NN14 4LZ.  Their Planning Committee is expected to be meeting to consider the application on February 28th at 19:00 in the Council Chamber, there are currently 1265 objections to the Poultry plant.

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