We Need to Keep, Extend and Enforce the Hunting Ban in Parliament

JH Keep The BanPublic support for fox hunting is at an all-time low, a new poll reported by The Independent today shows that 85 per cent of the public support maintaining the current ban on hunting with hounds.  So Theresa May was right to abandon a free vote on the issue, but don’t be fooled, she is not proposing to strengthen the ban, Conservatives still support hunting.

The Green Party’s policy is crystal clear; we oppose all forms of hunting.  During the General Election campaign, Keith Taylor MEP, the Green Party’s Animals Spokesperson, condemned Theresa May’s plan to bring back fox hunting.  The vocal animal welfare campaigner and South East MEP said:

“That Theresa May has been forced into this admission is extremely telling. The bloodthirsty plot to repeal the foxhunting ban had, until now, only been discussed behind closed doors because the Tories know 84% of the public oppose this barbaric pursuit, which is enjoyed by only a tiny privileged minority.”

“Let’s be clear, the Conservatives did not want to be open with the public about this plan. The Party has a history of subverting our democracy when it comes to foxhunting: a vote to repeal the ban was quietly abandoned in 2015 when it became clear the Government didn’t have the numbers to push it through.”

And this is the simple truth behind Theresa May’s sudden broken promise of a free vote; she knows she would not win it!  The Green Party have and always will fight against hunting and have actively campaigned not to just to keep the ban, but to upgrade the Hunting Act 2004 to include all blood sports and to make it enforceable.

This needs to be addressed in parliament to strengthen the ban, but are the Conservatives, Labour or the Lib Democrats likely to?  85% of the population have shown support for keeping the hunting ban in place and most political parties will fight any attempt of a repeal.  But if you want to keep, extend and enforce the hunting ban, vote Green.

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