Put Town Centres First, Vote Green

WP_20170606_17_03_29_ProOur town centres are dying, because of the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour.  All of these parties support out of town retail parks including Rushden Lakes, and all do not support small businesses, including shops, cafes and pubs, in our town centres.  I simply do not understand why we are letting our town centres turn into ghost town centres and why are local elected politicians letting our local shops die?

In Wellingborough and Rushden today we have scores of empty units and with more closing every week, how long will it be before we have lost every independent or small chain store from our town centres?  The latest victim is workwear and camping shop George Alan who are set to close both of their Rushden and Wellingborough shops by the end of June.  In Silver Street, Wellingborough, half of the units are empty and more are closing!

The Green Party think that this is unsustainable.  Providing shops that are only accessible by car is a recipe for more traffic congestion and pollution.  The less well off are excluded from these new out of town shopping centres because there is little or no public transport to them.  These new developments divide society by solely focussing on those who can afford to get to them.  No politician who supports these developments is standing up for all local people.

The new Rushden Lakes development has destroyed a wildlife habitat, already created congestion and will mean many more car journeys locally, adding to pollution.  I am the only candidate standing for MP in Wellingborough and Rushden who has consistently opposed this development on environmental grounds and on the damage it will do to local town centres.

The desertion of local town centres has already started to Rushden Lakes, with shops from Northampton relocating there (https://t.co/kv6zDJJ0Mn)  I take it personally that the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems support environmentally terrible schemes that destroy local businesses and wreck local town centres.  I will stand up for local business.

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