Discover The Local Talking Newspaper

WP_20170605_19_24_20_ProLast night I had the pleasure of joining the team at Wellingborough and District Talking Newspaper from their own studio at The Belgrade Centre, Denington Road, Wellingborough.   The news is recorded on Monday evenings and dispatched on a Tuesday mornings by a dedicated team of volunteers to over 100 individual listeners and to a number of day centres and care homes for use in the communal areas.

Simon Turner, a Green Party Member, helps to run the free Talking Newspaper service, delivering audio recordings of local news and magazine articles through its customer’s letter box.  Simon said “you qualify if you are blind or partially sighted with close up vision of N12 or less quality.  You do not have to be registered blind or partially sighted. Approaches can be made to us direct by the would-be listener, their family, friends or social worker. Clubs or county librarians who work with the visually impaired through alternative reading formats can also be involved,  as well as the local Northamptonshire Association for the Blind (NAB).”

The Wellingborough and District Talking Newspaper provide the following free service:-

  • Approximately 90 minutes of local news on a memory stick, taken mainly from the Evening Telegraph, is delivered each week.
  • A further 90 minutes of magazine articles, compiled by various sources within Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, is provided on the same memory stick.
  • USB Memory sticks are sent and returned” FREEPOST, Articles for the Blind” at no cost to the user.
  • Any visually impaired person can apply to join the service.
  • An easy to use USB player is loaned free of charge to any service user who has no other means of playing memory sticks.
  • This player is small, battery operated, portable and can readily be moved round the house.

The Wellingborough & District Talking Newspaper was started in 1979 thanks to a grant from Wellingborough Lions Club and permission to use news from the Northamptonshire Telegraph, still the main source of our news. The first group of volunteers came from a small group of workers and their families from what was then Reliance Systems, where the earliest tapes were made.  On Friday 11th July 2014 they opened the new recording studio which is located in the Belgrade Centre.

Find out more about this fabulous free local service at or by emailing


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